myanmar model girls@ hip hop songs

Visit To see More Myanmar Music Videos, Myanmar Model and Actress Photos, Myanmar Celebrity Photos, Gossips and News. Jenny’s Hot Performance Modeling Contest of Fatherland Company April 2, 2010 Hmyaw Sin Island, Kandawgyi Park, Yangon.
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50 Responses to “myanmar model girls@ hip hop songs”

  1. taberu12345 says:

    what pride! going backward is the pride? you stupid ass moron. This is part of culture and it is called evolution. cultural revolution is needed in Burma.

  2. taberu12345 says:

    Say, I suck my own d**k thru a pipe!!

  3. alonelay says:

    @taberu12345 come to Europe and ask who burmese people are! No body know who the fuck we are! Do the revolution and maintain the cultur in the same time. Even in fucking china they adapt other people cultur and maintain theirs. Other countries stole our cultur and show as theirs. If we come out of shit hole Than Shwe there will be nothing left to show as burmese. (About the video) she is dancing like she is at the strip club.

  4. naysar56 says:

    Jenny got big ass (:

  5. Thangpixxx says:

    she’s crazyyy….why?

  6. cobrafizzo says:

    can she sing…? I think not…

  7. kimjaekoo1 says:

    i wonder why many burmese people dont like the way che dances…. i mean it’s totally okay the way she dance…. It’s better dancing while singing than only singing and just standing like a fool…. come on MYanmar… Don’t be too hard to her ;)

  8. tightdawn2012 says:

    She is so hot and so sexy she made burmese people looks better than other countries :) on the other hand she is a good singer and improvin her fuckin life so all of the fuckin burmese ppl Shut the fuckup and suck my fuckin dick! and go back to 1800s okay!! Now we r in 2011 we must improve our fuckin country okay!! fuck yall burmese ppl nd Jenny is totally fine for me :P if u dislike her dance or her sing dt fuckin listen okay!!! i will put my dick in ur fuckin ears …

  9. 06477523 says:

    Why so sexy ? Did she need to do like that? Carzy

  10. patedawtmi says:

    very good for F………………

  11. Nyihip says:

    @naysar56 hell yeahh !!

  12. nndv28 says:

    skinny pp;lz dancin
    so niceee!

  13. sorryimnotuptopar says:

    tough crowd. LOL

  14. 1ayuumalay says:

    ဘာလုိ့အပင္ပန္းခံျပီး အဝတ္စား ဝတ္ထားတာလဲ..ခ်ြတ္ထားလုိက္ရင္ ပုိေကာငး္တာေပါ့..ယြန္လုိက္တာ ျမန္မာ အဆုိေတာ္ေတြကုိ….;;;

  15. 1ayuumalay says:

    Bitch girl… ur people say that u guy are myanmar girl……so Fucking. girl

  16. Shankaung says:

    မားဖင္မားလုိးခံရဦးမယ္( ႀကိဳက္ရင္ Thumb Up လုိက္။)

  17. tinsoemdy76 says:

    Don’t know how to dance

  18. tinsoemdy76 says:

    She doesn’t know how to dance. Try to pratice

  19. yukikoakaemo says:

    ew camel toe and she’s fat

  20. hilltribesofburma says:


  21. TheTaizones says:

    very sexy

  22. kothetmhue says:

    i like it !

  23. moezin11 says:

    I Really Like this song in nice dance Iam SaMeBe

  24. dracular448 says:


  25. dracular448 says:


  26. mystphys says:

    a great song!!

  27. syneatnrc says:

    the first girl is the best by far and its nice to see hip-hop comming from such a sacluded country ad myanmar

  28. tgate17 says:

    this is what really happening in Burma..i am sad…but
    keep it up Guys.. Great Lyrics and great music too.

  29. tgate17 says:


    why you said that? you don’t fucking know what ‘s happening in Burma?

  30. tgate17 says:

    @salaitual kill yourself and go to hell…that is fucking true…
    may be your little sister gonna be like that..sooner or later….
    fuck yourself,,, asshole.

  31. tgate17 says:



    thay lite

  32. puti41 says:

    i like very very much

  33. gomp91 says:

    what is happening in Burma on the basis of the country,people do not intentionally, you know not? Burma is certainly no worse than thailand huh? I hope you understand what I mean, we do not blame the people

  34. hlubtiagproduction says:

    Burma or myanmar is a low quality country compare to other asian country such as Thailand, Malaysia, China, South Korean, and Japan. Why? think about it. It’s their fucken Junta regime fuck it up. NO FREEDOM OF RELIGIOUS, NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and NO FREEDOM OF PRESS. Thats why their country have some low class hip pop song. By the way, i’m not their minority enemy. or any of the people in those country i list it above.

  35. juliarblackish says:

    fuck ur self jauk jat, what the fucking man, what a rude man and announcing ur self and ur life to know all of the people

  36. juliarblackish says:

    fuck ur self jauk jat, what the fucking man, what a rude man and announcing ur self and ur life to know all of the people

  37. juliarblackish says:

    what the fuck, jauk jat, dun insult all girls, fuck urself, what a rude man dare to sing this kind of song and insulting girls, is that ur mom also included???? fuck you.

  38. juliarblackish says:

    what the fuck, jauk jat, dun insult all girls, fuck urself, what a rude man dare to sing this kind of song and insulting girls, is that ur mom also included???? fuck you.

  39. Duke54227 says:

    nice song

  40. komoeful says:

    That was real shit don’t ever fucking be rude what the fuck are u talking about bitch ass hole don’t fucking be ugly to other u will be shit it up dude ass hole. i fucking going to kick you ass damn it u are real stupid kind of person,,,,

  41. jhonleonardo23 says:

    Who is this singers?Are u a muslim?Why do u so hate the girls and women?I think u shouldn’t write the song like this.U R not a human ,all of u r animals(this song creaters).Do u forget ” WE R MYANMAR ” and should be polite(if ur parent is human).

  42. lugerocha says:

    Woww you are TOP MODEL Fashion…
    Congratulations, beautiful and sexi.

    Luis Gerardo.

  43. kheerehhtoo says:

    cool song

  44. jeejayanin11 says:

    OH What The Fuck Myanmar Sexy Girl. Really Mother Fucker,,,,

  45. blackbabypooh says:

    what the hell? seem like all of this song singer’s gf, wife, and mother are prostitute? seems like they complaining abt their family member business? poor u guys… better to wish will never born in that kinda prostitute relative and environment in next life…. well… shame on Myanmar music Rapper…. seem like they eating shit everyday… they can only sing abt shit….

  46. blackbabypooh says:

    they sing… “rapper tine yat nya sar pai.” I never know that Rapper eat that kinda girl every night…. of course.. they are real mother fucker…. fuck u…

  47. bambiepj says:

    I don’t want to be rude but I will just say whoever wrote and sang that song is such a sexist! A Big Fat Sexist! Just think about it. What is even the point of making a song out of woman having sex with guys? Is guys even better for you to even make that song?! Just think about it and please, grow up!

  48. oora15 says:

    How I Like That Song Jouk Jack!!

  49. Evilxelf24 says:


  50. polarbear1987able says:

    jauk jack ,u show ur standard ! no standard !