Myanmar Sexy Girl

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25 Responses to “Myanmar Sexy Girl”

  1. moesanda1a says:

    Does anyone know if she is good natured in real life? In movies, she always plays a very nice or cute girl. Is she nice or nasty in real life? By the way how tall is she?

  2. 41774831 says:

    what kind of question is ´´why do you like diamond? .. whahahahah
    diamonds are girls best, u idiot

  3. Phuitongpaak says:

    MaMa Thet Mon your so beautiful and so lovely.

  4. akarimoon says:

    i love her so much so cute

  5. moepwintoo says:

    she is a natural beauty. i love her.

  6. h0tbaby00 says:

    oo fuck i hate her so much!!!:@ can u dead now. i don’t wanna see you!! fuck

  7. moesanda1a says:

    Why do you hate her? Are you jealous or you know something about her? I think you are jealous because you are ugly???

  8. darnimar100 says:

    To h0tbaby00, what,s wrong with you, I hope GOD will forgive you, your words and your wish to Thet Mon Myint. You no need to watch if you doesn,t like her.

  9. h0tbaby00 says:


  10. darnimar100 says:

    hi h0tbaby00, grown up! Sorry for you, because you look so UGLY. SAd————-

  11. hithot343 says:


  12. h0tbaby00 says:

    hahha r u crazy?? darnimar100

    i’m not ungly:) u r ungly!!

  13. zawhtetmyint528 says:

    thet mon myint is so beautiful…

  14. katyaye1981 says:

    She is pretty.

  15. geerrarrd says:

    she is niceeeee

  16. cindy600 says:

    She look so grounded and friendly love her love her love her!

  17. kinmulay1 says:

    love her soooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!

  18. EternalSky97 says:

    hahahaha i can’t believe this. things have definitely changed a lot since i left burma. it’s turning american-ish but what the hell it’s actually not that bad.

  19. komoeful says:


  20. cindy600 says:

    @EternalSky97 haha turning americanish????? how about look at as developing as a country and more technology….

  21. kusum1836 says: i teach them how to do everything

  22. richiesaw says:

    Like Diamond !. xxxxx
    U can drink Diamond with lemon juice. Good 4u. 10Q

  23. khinyaminnge says:

    hey thet mon..
    very nice..

  24. 24flowersenator says:

    ႈi love you so much,, thet mom myint
    You r the best actress in myanmar ,,,,,,Try hard,:)

  25. smartbetta says:

    I can’t tell the difference between Myanmar woman and Cambodia woman are they from the same ancester