Sexy & Hottest Burmese Girls’ Dancing at Thingyan

Sexy & Hottest Burmese Girls’ Dancing at Burmese New Year Called Thingyan. See more Burmese sexy, hot and pretty model girls and actress there.
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18 Responses to “Sexy & Hottest Burmese Girls’ Dancing at Thingyan”

  1. kyisinwyne says:

    very ugly ! Shameless !

  2. BurmeseSamosa says:

    I think she’s hot and sexy. I wish I was there…hehe

  3. pkyawaz says:

    I have not gone back to Burma for more than 15 years and we did not have this kind of wild parties back then.
    This looks very fun — water + electronic music. It will be interesting to throw parties like that here in the summer. We only have pool parties.
    As for the girl, she looks like she is having fun. She must be on something. lol. But I am surprised that she is Burmese. All the Burmese girls I have known are very conservative.

  4. mcksan says:

    oh nooo”” scary movie… please cancle it.somemore title is cute burmessgirl.
    haaaa;;; so sad.

  5. thithiswe1980 says:

    what a shame for burmese girlsss.. stupid video

  6. citizenOfNowhere777 says:

    @KyawG247 Why remove this? So you can pretend like this is not happening in Burma?

  7. citizenOfNowhere777 says:


    Yes they are Burmese. Only Burmese water festival (Thainnkyan) wastes water like this, not Thai or other Buddhist nations.

  8. citizenOfNowhere777 says:

    pkyawaz said “All the Burmese girls I have known are very conservative.”. This days are gone Mister.

  9. citizenOfNowhere777 says:


    Get a grip man. In cities like Yangon these days, girls are prostituting for money. Taxi drivers would tell you how they have seen girls whom they described as ” the smell of their baby milk hasn’t even disappeared yet”. of course, this has everything to do with the country’s economy under military rule.

  10. citizenOfNowhere777 says:

    @vevevoice They look Burmese, not Thai.

  11. citizenOfNowhere777 says:

    @vevevoice Not only that they look Burmese, they speak Burmese. Yes, I know Burmese.

  12. MsPPKT says:

    Are these girls really burmese?I can’t believe it.

  13. zawlinmoe says:

    a girl wants to dance and have fun. what’s the problem? would you rather have been born in Saudi Arabia???

  14. hetismij21 says:

    @citizenOfNowhere777 I’m not Thai but if you’d like to start a discussion about how Thailand is depleting its water resources where would you like me to start? May I remind you that the queen of Thailand has addressed this problem and has often asked for Thais to become more aware of the problem concerning water management. Fact is Thai agricultural land is drying up, not the mention the problem of water pollution and Bangkok’s water spill sick citizens.Songkran festival in Thailand is worse.

  15. hetismij21 says:

    @didusayjenn in your mind they are either Thai or Chinese. The problem with this statement is that you make yourself superior. People act upon numerous kind of influences, I’m positive that this girl could be of Burmese origin. If you are educated you will find people are the same anywhere. Thais can be as conservative and wild as Burmese. I think Asians have some kind of idenity crisis whenever they seem something new they blame each other. That attitude has caused a lot of wars in the past.

  16. zinnway says:

    that couldn’t be Myanmar!

  17. 333tmoney says:

    party like a rock star!! i,m down wit that

  18. 00000141051992 says:

    what the f*** ….somebody tell me that’s myanmar girl….what the hell……bitch…f*** the girl don’t live in our country ….get out of our country myanmar……..