Myanmar Gossip about young actress and singer Thazin

Don’t miss the end. Myanmar Gossip about young actress and singer Thazin. Actresses Nandar Hlaing and Myo Myo Khain gossip about actress Thazi, MOe Oo, Khant Si Thu and Kyaw Hain. Burlywood gossip popular in Rangoon Mizzima News ( December 03, 2007 – Despite palpable tension in Burma following the bloody crackdown on monks and protesters, life goes on. Peer activity, especially among the youth relates to passing audio files of two popular actresses gossiping over the telephone about the sex lives of other film personalities in Rangoon. Nan Dar Hlaing and Myo Myo Khaing were taped talking on the telephone about the affair a movie director was having with an actress and about sex video clips of two women models that are in circulation. However, there are lots of people who feel that the video clips are fake. The audio file of the two actresses gossiping has been on the internet since last month. Myo Myo Khaing was forced to apologize to the director, actors and actress for her gossiping and had to say that what she had said was false but Nan Dar Hlaing has been quite about the whole thing. Director Kyaw Zaw Linn, one of those in the gossip list has said that he will not work for the rest of his career with any actors or actresses who have been gossiping.
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11 Responses to “Myanmar Gossip about young actress and singer Thazin”

  1. jimmytwooneone says:

    Sis, actually I try to do with Sub, but too much back ground to explain and give it up.

  2. naykalay says:

    everybody gossip
    so it not so bad.

  3. zaw05 says:

    so apparently thazin calls herself ‘khin lay’??

  4. thumyatnaing007 says:

    wht’s da name of da song?

  5. jimmytwooneone says:

    The name of the song is “What do the women want?” at 00:15.

  6. britain00 says:

    I wanna see that sex video clip…please someone help me….

  7. aghpzac says:

    i dun really say bad things but they r juz perverted and they can’t sing or dance. they r juz so shity.. i dunno about all the gossips but all burmese stars are sluts and whores

  8. zaLurVa says:

    Totally! and some give this stupid excuse that they became sluts due to economic situations…for puke’s sake,they aldy have enuff moolah to f**k for their whole lives…

  9. ayelatit says:

    karen music

  10. 41774831 says:

    lol… hahahahahhaha… whos the singer… hahahahahaha

  11. nnk1973 says:

    fuck nandar