Burmese Lethwei(boxing) -Win Tun vs Phoe K.flv

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10 Responses to “Burmese Lethwei(boxing) -Win Tun vs Phoe K.flv”

  1. kingstaffy says:

    @49790077 yeh i also think win tun has gotten better. win tun cannot defeat tway mashaun bcoz tway mashoun is too tough.

  2. BF1 says:

    @49790077 There’s actually a lot of reasons. The most general answer is style match up. Poe K is the wrong style match up against Win Tun. Win Tun is one of the worst match up styles vs. Tway. Tway uses 70% of his stance called walk in bull guard and add it to some elephant steps and it poses a big problem for Win Tun. Poe K has low shoulder and wide punches the counter is head butts and high round house kick. The low shoulder is a stance problem for Poe K and Win Tun’s best weapon is RH.

  3. BF1 says:

    @kingstaffy Tway McShawn vs Poe K. The advantage goes to Poe K. Tway’s Walk in bull guard stance is suceptible to several counters on of them being pushing. Poe K pushes Tway out of range and then smashes him with awkward winging punches and some straight ones. Tway has not mastered the authentic Lethwei bull rush. So the result is a win for Poe K. Tway also does not understand the full purpose of bull guard. So by styles this match up Tway vs Poe goes to Poe K.

  4. BF1 says:

    @kingstaffy In otherwords Its not that Win Tun got better, it’s a style issue. It exactly why I said Poe K will not do good vs Thai boxer. Since their best weapon is RH kick.

  5. BF1 says:

    @49790077 See my replies as to why. I replied to both you and king staffy. Btw what I mean by authentic bull rush, you need to watch 3 videos, Mg Mg Gyi vs Wan Chai, Wan Chai fight #1 and Wan Chai fight #2. That would be one way how to beat Poe K that Tway lacks.

  6. satanwing666 says:

    @BF1 if u know all about lethwei, u should fight.all can say whatever they want but u don’t need to explain it.no one request for answer from u….ur just big mouth…

  7. 54living says:

    @BF1 Do u remember me? When Pk & Tway Mc Shaung 1st fight, I predicted that PK hands are too down & it’s very danger. Thai boxer who use to kick high can take him down etc. I told you that PK has no techniques except he opens his eyes & fiht. Even low kick he can’t counter etc. Well, you said that PK use this & that Lethwei principles etc. Now you can see that he went down with right round house kick. Not 1 time, 3 time. Win Tun is small & at least 4″ shorter than him but you see the result.

  8. davimagdaleno11 says:

    win tun has gotten better a newer fight of them two shows win is at his prime

  9. kml0012 says:

    ပညာပိုင္းျပည္႔ဝျပီး လွ်င္ျမန္မူ႕နဲ႔ ဥာဏ္သံုးတက္တဲ႔ ဝင္းထြန္း မာေၾကာေသာစိတ္နဲ႔ ခံနိုင္ရည္အားပိုေကာင္းလာရင္ ျပိဳင္ဖက္အားလံုးရဲ႕ အေပၚဆံုးမွာ ရိွမွာပါ

  10. BaAye007 says:

    win tun lost in second fight.