Tin Zar Wint Kyaw

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You are always on my mind- Sone Thin Par

Myanmar song

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32 Responses to “Tin Zar Wint Kyaw”

  1. Twinshayi says:

    i love her song but not voice bcz her voice too strong

  2. jdMxM says:

    @moesannpann27 pls show me first ur album ????
    Show me how much good u can sing ????? don’t bark
    like a mad dog .. go and sleep and silence and fuck ur girl’s pussy.

  3. austinthetwin says:

    we can see your comment is based on jealousy and so biased. ” Should not support ” ?. That is really disgusting…. Shame on you!

  4. zarzarzaw says:

    @moesannpann27 poor u, i think u like poe eih san or soe sandar htun..hahaha
    can u sing or write any copy song? how she can control vocal dont u see? if u wont support copy singers,,then better u never listen all myanmar album..haha..just listen the burmese country songs(such as tuan tay soe ag,,ba nyaa han,,etc) by watching the cows…shame on you..baby..:P

  5. boweandrew3 says:

    @biathaful I’d like to see this sung in Spanish, Kiswahlli and anyother langauge also

  6. blizzard987654321 says:

    My gf send me dis song
    Dat’s y i lyk it so hot

  7. blizzard987654321 says:

    My gf send me dis link
    Dat’s y i lyk dis song so hot

  8. moesannpann27 says:

    arr narr lite dar original singer ko.

  9. moesannpann27 says:


  10. zarzarzaw says:

    @moesannpann27 why?
    original fan lo kaw aa pay tat laa? koh ko ko sinn saa par oo…:P…
    who ka sone tin par lauh so nai ma le?

  11. holymoly525 says:

    I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR HER AND WILLY SING IT TOGETHER her, in her langauge and willy in english. it would be great. The girl sounds great.and beautiful.

  12. mistifarang says:

    Fantastic! Let’s always keep the suffering Burmese in our heart!!!

  13. 24flowersenator says:

    That’s is Myanmar,,,,,,,how very impress you sung tin par…………amazing voice .You can qualify in American Idol

  14. MrForevertrusthuman says:


  15. redhelldevil says:

    ahhh i know her when i was at ygn!
    she is like other high standard spoil girls from yangon!
    but anyway good to taste,rite?

  16. fancylovelygirl says:

    i know her she is my sis friend sister..

  17. MCRHEIN says:

    i really didn’t know what’s woman beauty b4 i watch her!!

  18. mixxin says:

    she changed alot since she was in 8thgrade, she wasnt lik that when we were in junior high school..thinzar used to say lik burmese models were..blah..blah..now u become one of them..ma dear..u realize dat??

  19. sw33tbay says:

    wht’s the song called? some/o tells me . plz

  20. TOMMYAYEKYAW says:

    Oh!That’s MILF….Why I didn’t meet her when I was in Myanmar/

  21. TOMMYAYEKYAW says:

    Oh!That’s MILF….Why I didn’t meet her when I was in Myanmar?

  22. GladDellbo says:

    I don’t understand a word, but it sounds like he is singing ’bout a dead friend. who is the singer? I like his voice.

  23. laisinbawi says:

    a tha ngai mi asi

  24. soonjack says:

    hey friend world change already ,your idea is too low,anyway i like her fashion style , i m kyaw kyaw

  25. soonjack says:

    thin zar have sexy eye

  26. thetmon26 says:

    she is pretty

  27. Fiwnkk says:

    os ah! chi! :P !!!!!

  28. bodomar47 says:

    she has nice big burmese eyes (unchineez hehe)

  29. lonelytuntun says:

    Tinza is very acttractive. I like her very much woooooooo………

  30. gibsonzlazh says:

    stop lookin me ……………..

  31. Oceanandsunfish says:

    i like her 2..cuz c is so percific sexy

  32. MrIloveyou2baby says: