Beautiful Girl Very Long Hair Action

Beautiful Girl Very Long Hair Action

Very long hair with lots of action on a TV gameshow.

Brent Madden on location assignment with National Geographic in Kanchanaburi near the boarders of Myanmar filming a story on the ‘Death Railway’ in WWII.\After filming for 2 weeks in the tropical jungle, my guide took me to a Fish Doctor Foot Spa, I was told the tiny fish will eat the dead skin and blisters off my feet. It was a strange and Bizarre feeling and it really worked!
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14 Responses to “Beautiful Girl Very Long Hair Action”

  1. TomChair says:

    Cool! Are they eating bits of skin or what?

  2. walleyrt69 says:

    1 word—PORN !

  3. Snowwie88 says:

    Long hair, very pretty face and a tight butt. What do you want more?

    Thumbs up if you agree.
    Thumbs down if you are gay.

  4. Laurannah101 says:

    She has a phobia of cutting her hair. Don’t encourage such things, people.

  5. Laurannah101 says:

    @00GypsyRose00 Really now? i find that TOO long and i’m a bisexual woman.

  6. alphadec007 says:

    wounderful hair, love it

  7. level242 says:


  8. MrRavege says:


  9. valericool says:

    In MY OWN opinion, I think pixie hair or too short hair is not sexy or attractive. Long hair is beautiful… but only when it’s healthy and well taken care of. But I believe long hair is sexy, but has to have a limit. I think waist-lenght is the maximum it can reach, after that it is too much.

    But that was ONLY MY OPINION, anyone can have whatever hair they want, after all, it’s their head, not mine.

  10. valericool says:

    @valericool Hm… pixie hair or too short is attractive ONLY ON SOME GIRLS, with DELICATE features… but they always look even better with longer hair.

  11. valericool says:

    Oh, and the girl in the video is BEAUTIFUL.

  12. MalignantLibrarian says:

    @Laurannah101 I don’t think so; her ends are perfectly maintained, so I think she isn’t scared of getting her hair cut. She probably just likes it that long.

  13. MalignantLibrarian says:

    @970975 I completely and totally agree. Wish I could thumbs up this twice.

  14. cac123ish says:

    Her long butt length hair is so sexy.